Mathias A. Gibbens, K0̸WBG

Tucson, AZ Station

Station setup
My first personal station (July 2015 - December 2016) was a Kenwood TS-430S, which was loaned out by the K7UAZ Amateur Radio Club. I used a G5RV-Jr antenna that I was given permission to place on a car port roof behind my apartment. Click on the photos throughout the page for larger versions.

20m WSPR beacon
This setup reached across North America quite well, and when conditions were good or using digital modes could reach even further. (The image to the left shows the results of running WSPR on 20m for a short while one afternoon.)

Measured antenna SWR

Measured antenna SWR


QSO Map (click for larger version)

Static Tucson QSO map from (click for larger version)