Mathias A. Gibbens, K0̸WBG

Albuquerque, NM Station

Shack setup
My current station (January 2017 - present) consists of an Icom IC-7300 rig for HF, and a Yaesu 2m FM base station. I also run a digital mesh node on 2.4Ghz. For HF, I am using a G5RV-Jr antenna that is placed on the roof of my house in an inverted-v manner, with the peak about 35 feet above ground. Click on the photos throughout the page for larger versions.

2m/70cm antenna
Diamond X30A vertical 2m/70cm antenna.
G5RV-Jr antenna
Base of the G5RV-Jr antenna on my roof.
G5RV-Jr antenna
Top of the G5RV-Jr antenna.
2.4Ghz mesh antenna
2.4Ghz mesh node, running AREDN. (HF antenna can be seen in the background.)
Solar panel
The mesh node is completely solar powered!
SWR graph
Measured HF antenna SWR.
WSPR map

WSPR North America map

RaspberryPi running WSPR
Propagation of my station on 20m. This is about 17 hours of running WSPR at 200 milliwatts on a RaspberryPi with TAPR's QRP TX shield using the WsprryPi program.
WSPR map
Propagation of my station on 40m. Running WSJT-X on my RaspberryPi overnight with one watt TX through my Icom rig.